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Lance Scooters

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lance cali classic 200

Lance Cali Classic 125

Lance Cali Classic 50cc Scooter

Lance Havana Classic 200Lance Havana Classic 125cc Scooter

Lance Havana Classic 50cc Scooter

Lance PCH 200cc Scooter

Lance PCH 125cc Scooter

Lance PCH 50cc Scooter

Lance Cabo 200cc Scooter

Lance Cabo 125cc ScooterLance Cabo 50cc Scooter

It has been said that no love is greater than that of a father for His son. Lance Powersports is the namesake of the company’s founder’s son, Lance. It is a daily reminder that our valued customers, dealers associates and partners are part of our family…. our “Lance” Powersports family. Our brand is a reminder to our uncompromising love to constantly develop, cultivate, inspire and care for our valued customers, dealers, associates and partners.

*Inventory is subject to change without notice, please call to verify what bikes are in stock.