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Welcome to Scooter World!

Kansas City`s Original New Scooter Shop

Scooter World complies with the latest Johnson County, KS guidance and or mandates regarding COVID-19 precautions. All customers and staff shall wear masks or other face coverings at all times when interacting. Occupancy in the store shall be limited in order to maintain social distancing where possible. This latest guidance and or mandates, will remain in place until at least
April 30, 2021.


Scooter World is Kansas City’s oldest new, dedicated, original scooter store. Established in the fall of 2002, it remains a locally owned and operated shop. It was created to reinvigorate the scooter culture that faded in the 80’s and to bring a new vision of the culture and energy to new generations of our community. While finding  the right vibe in old Downtown Overland Park in our early years, we have landed in a free standing building just west of our original location at 9200 Santa Fe Drive, where the mission  of scooters and scootering  continues.
We believe we have a place where new customers and enthusiast alike can come to hang out learn about bikes, get ‘spot on’ service and carry on the spirit of inclusiveness that makes the scooter community so special.